For $5/person, everyone has access to stay all day and play anything in our game library. Whether you tapped out at Candyland or only enjoy six-hour games of Twilight Imperium, we have games for you! There will be some overlap between the different categories, but we think you'll find some titles, new and old, for you to enjoy.

If you need help learning the rules, ask some of our friendly staff!


If you're just trying to fit in a quick game before a meal, or want to get in one more before you hit the road, our breadstick games are those titles you can setup, learn, and finish in less than 30 minutes. Games like Codenames and Sushi Go are listed here.


Not the competitive type? Check out our catalog of games where you and your friends can work against the game to achieve victory. From a quick trip to Forbidden Island to a much more foreboding trip with Robinson Crusoe any skill level can have fun here.

Family classics

We grew up playing family games like Rack-oLifeClue, and when we could find someone willing to put in the time, Risk and Monopoly. You can relive these glory days again with these games, as well as more recent family games like Apples to Apples or Wits and Wagers.

Gateway Games

Over the past decade, board games have been going through a Renaissance. These games are curated to let even novices have great experiences that will teach the foundations of modern gaming. You'll find modern classics like Catan and Ticket to Ride here. 


These won't always be the longest games, but they do have a steep learning curve and often a complex rule set. Not for the faint of heart, but those who put in the time to learn will find lots of rewarding experiences. Things like Twilight Struggle and Through the Ages are here. 


You are never too young to start developing a love of board games. With titles carefully selected for kids 3+, any parent can be sure that there will be something their son or daughter will enjoy that you don't need to worry about them outgrowing in six months.

Party Games

Sometimes you're not concerned about the score or devise cunning strategies. You want to laugh with friends and have a good time. The party game category is here for you to win at trivia without ever knowing the answers, build ridiculous monuments, and insist that the person across the table is REALLY the spy.

Two Player Games

Maybe everyone else bailed, or perhaps it was just a date for two. Lots of games claim that two people can play, but this isn't always the best experience. The titles in this list are exclusively designed to play with two people, meaning that some of the best experiences for a pair can be found here.

Full Catalog 

Not sure what you want to play, or can't find what you're looking for in one of the curated lists? This is the full list of the library here at Boards and Bites. Game expansions are individually listed, and everything is in alphabetical order. Still not seeing what you want? Let us know, and we'll look into adding it to our collection!