There are a lot of games in the Boards and Bites library we wouldn't recommend to a first-time visitor. This might be because of complex rules, or because the game requires a lot of strategic development. However, the games in this category might have some of the most rewarding experiences for those who revel in spending an entire afternoon playing one game. This rich development takes time. The titles listed below won't always be in the 'side of the box' times, but we err on things being a bit longer than not.


Caverna - You and your spouse are starting a new life up in the mountains. Also, you're dwarfs. In this worker-placement game you can focus on agriculture, mining, and adventuring, but regardless of your chosen path, will seek to flourish in your new home. Widely regarded as one of Uwe Rosenberg's best titles, and is an excellent sequel to Agricola

Fury of Dracula - In this one-versus-all game, one player leads Dracula in his attempt to overrun Europe with vampires, while all other players lead a team of famous hunters. By mixing deduction, strategic and tactical thinking, and a revised rule set in the third edition, this is a must play for groups of frequent gamers.

Thunder Alley - We will admit to being skeptical about this title at first. GMT Games, known for complex war games, released a NASCAR-style racing game? It works. Building the game around cards rather than dice is a nice departure from other racing games, as is the ability to control an entire racing team rather than just your car. It's a very strategic take on the genre and at about 90 minutes of play time, never overstays its welcome. 

Less than two Hours

Above and Below


Assault on Doomrock

Black Gold

Bora Bora



Cosmic Encounters

Dogs of War

Doomtown: Reloaded

Dreaming Spires

Drum Roll

Dungeon Lords

Eminent Domain


Fire & Axe


Ghost Stories


In the Year of the Dragon


Kings of Air and Steam

Kingsport Festival

Magic: The Gathering - Arena of the Planeswalkers

Magic: The Gathering - Battle for Zendikar

Magic: The Gathering - Shadows Over Innistrad

New Haven

Notre Dame

On Her Majesty's Service



Progress: Evolution of Technology


Space Race

Summoner Wars: Master Set

Terraforming Mars

The Big Book of Madness

The Manhattan Project

Thunder Alley



VivaJava:The Coffee Game

More than Two Hours




Dead of Winter


First Martians

Forbidden Stars

Forge War

Fury of Dracula


Great Western Trail

Prime Time

Road to Enlightenment

Robinson Crusoe

Star Trek: Ascendency 

The Capitals

The New Science

Through the Ages

Twilight Struggle

Arkham Horror

Star Trek: Frontiers

Star Wars: Rebellion